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Organize to Energize

Have you ever noticed that when you are not organized you feel scattered and unmotivated?

 How good does it feel after a “spring cleaning” ,or after putting up all the Holiday decorations to get your home organized again?

So, imagine if you had that feeling every day or a couple of times of week.  It can happen!

What is a room of your home you go into every day?  Your closet!

If you take the time and spend a little extra money to fully organize your closet, you will be amazed how motivated and energized you are to put clothes away every time you walk into the closet and keep your clothes organized so that you can find them and get dressed easily every day.  There are more and more systems out there every day that help organize our closets.  Home Depot and Lowes have closet organizer systems that are easy to install and make your closet a place you enjoy going every day.  Depending on the size of the close,t the system can run from just under $ 1,000.  They are easy to install with a simple power drill, screwdriver, stud finder, and possibly a hack saw.  Check out some of the offerings at Lowe’s, including systems from Allan Roth, Closetmaid, and Rubbermaid. If you are a Home Depot person instead check out their systems by Martha Stewart, John Louis, and Closetmaid.

If you really want to class up your organized closet, there are great companies out there like Easy Closet that will help you design your custom closet using your actual room geometry to come up with the most optimized organization system while looking like a professional did it.  It is really EASY!!!

Checkout the master closet we recently did in our new townhome. It was a strangely shaped closet, and we were worried we would not be able to get the hanging and drawer space we needed.  After going online and laying out the system on Easy Closet’s website, a customer service representative contacted me and asked if I needed any help.  After a few “tweaks” on his end, we had the closet we thought we would never have.  It was affordable and easy to do.  It only took me about a half of day to assemble and install myself and every piece came exactly as laid out with all the hardware and customized instructions for our layout.  Easy Closets was truly one of the easiest, fastest, and customer friendly companies that I have ever dealt with. It was so easy we decided to spruce up our Laundry area based upon a picture Trish had noticed on Pinterest.

master closet 2                                                master closet

Laundry?  Hate to fold?  Hate to have all the detergents and other items out exposed?  No place to hang?                           Organize to Energize!

Here is our laundry area with the help of Lowe’s for a small 48” x 40” backslpash, a 65” x 36” piece of remnant Black Pearl Granite,  and Easy Closet organization system, custom designed, with some designer knobs to dress it up.  It’s fun to wash and fold and instead of being an area to hide, it’s an area to accent.  Trish got this idea from Pintrest and we brought to life.  You can check out some closet ideas on Pintrest, then contact Easy Closets, and get ready to be energized.

laundry from left                                                laundry straight on 2


Thinking about getting your house ready to sale?  Thinking about buying a house with less than adequate closets?  Check out some of these ideas and have fun. 

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